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World Water Day

What Does Water Mean to You?

Give TodayWorld Water Day 2021

World Water Day

All over the world water means different things to different people. Access to clean water can mean health, cleanliness, empowerment, and purpose.

Clean water can give JUST ONE person a connection with nature and their community, opening doors for greater learning and opportunity.

Clean water allows families to thrive!

Where Does Your Water Come From?

Why Give Clean Water

Contaminated water burdens families with sickness, disease, prevents children from attending school, stops parents from working, and smashes any hope for the future. The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way, there is a solution and we have people in place to serve these communities today!

The Water Crisis

When the very thing you need to sustain a healthy hopeful life is not available, you struggle to survive and watch your children suffer from sickness and malnutrition. The reality of death due to water-borne disease is real. It robs families of opportunity, disproportionately puts women and girls at risk for sexual assault, and diminishes economic opportunities for a better future.

World Water Day - Water and Sanitation

Water and Culture

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June's Story

June’s Story

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World Water Day - Women Collecting Water at the based of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Clean Water

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Your Giving Allows…

Community Impact

Water Filters

Protecting the Girl Child

Our Programs

Just Add Water - Better Futures

Clean Water Program

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Water Ambassadors

Water Ambassadors

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Just Add Water - Water Filter

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Beads for Water Program

Beads for Water

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Empowering Local Leaders

Empowering Leaders

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You can change the life of another today when you give!

Naomi and her grandson Pierre live in the foothills of Kilimanjaro and their access to water is filled with typhoid and amoebas, but thanks to the generosity of others they now have a water filter that is providing clean water each and every day. You can reach a family with clean water access when you give TODAY!

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