Vulnerable Children: Sustainability

Just One Africa is observing a positive difference in the communities in which we work due to the excellent partnerships we have developed with our local leaders. We identify local leaders that are currently working in the areas within our mission, specifically those who are supporting and caring for vulnerable children. Just One Africa comes alongside these influential people and provides the support of sustainable solutions and hope for a better future.

Our organization’s foundation is based on respecting the rich culture of the beautiful people of Africa and recognizing that the African cultural and societal frameworks surrounding relationships is key to the success of Just One Africa’s ventures.  Locally based partners are in a better position to understand and navigate social, political and economical issues impacting projects; they are more adept at leveraging local financial resources for cost sharing in projects; and it is also more cost effective when implementing long term projects than expatriate staff.

We understand that the African culture is based on relationship and community and we wholeheartedly embrace this by setting the priority on people over projects. From this place we have witnessed remarkable expansions and impact as together we work towards a common goal of bringing what we can to the table and allowing each other’s voices to be heard and be part of the greater solution. Our cooperatives enable unique ideas, deepens community relationships, and multiplies important resources to be shared in accomplishing the greater goal. In order for these solutions to be long lasting and bring about the desired impact it is imperative to have clear communication and accountability.

YOU can invest in a project that will impact lives for years to come.

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Our Commitment:

Just One Africa has a long term commitment to the areas in which we have been fortunate to serve.  We have established deep relationships and have built trust with the local leaders, chiefs and government officials. Each year we have effectively doubled our impact with new sustainable projects, educational programs, and water filter distributions. We work closely with our local leaders to create follow up programs and reports that we receive monthly, allowing us to measure our success and to make sure we are meeting our target goals and accomplishing our mission. We travel to the communities we serve multiple times a year to personally evaluate the status, measure results, and discuss how the projects are meeting the needs of these communities.

Successful projects and areas of impact:

Salem Orphanage and Schools

  • 40′ by 60′ Multipurpose school building
  • Educational books and materials
  • Widow education and sustainability programs
  • Teacher training
  • Solar powered lighting
  • Secure, clean and spacious dormitories for boys and girl
  • Dignity/Hygiene Kits for secondary school girls
  • Bathrooms and showers
  • Kitchen and bakery
  • Rain collection and storage
  • Bunk beds, mattresses and mosquito nets
  • Well pump and storage tank
  • Irrigation pump and pipes
  • Livestock
  • Tractor furrow plow
  • Farming, seeds and fertilizers
  • Classroom repair and upkeep
  • Community medical clinics
  • Durable playground equipment
  • Clothes and shoes for orphans
  • Water filters for orphanage, school and community (Read More)

Lenkai Christian School and Rescue Center

  • Educational books and materials
  • Teacher training
  • Clothes and shoes for Rescue Center
  • Bathrooms
  • 40′ by 70′ Multipurpose school auditorium and chairs for 400
  • Music classroom
  • Music program with instruments
  • Computers and projector
  • Kitchen and Bakery
  • Dignity/Hygiene Kits for secondary school girls
  • Well, pumping systems and irrigation for farm
  • Rescue Center support
  • Bunk beds and mattresses
  • Perimeter security fence
  • Community medical clinics
  • Recycled Paper Bead Program (Read More)
  • Water filters for school, rescue center and community (Read More)
  • Deep-water borehole (well)

YOU can invest in a project that will impact lives for years to come.

(Please add a comment as to which project you are supporting.)

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