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Vulnerable Children: Our Stories

If I look at the mass, I will never act. If I look at the one I will. ―Mother Teresa

Most of us, when honest with ourselves, will acknowledge that our lives were shaped, at some point, by someone who took the time and effort to pour something into our lives. This might have been a parent, teacher, community leader, etc. The vulnerable children we seek to help are not typically afforded this luxury.

In poverty stricken areas parents struggle daily to care for their children. Often the parents are very sick or dying due to AIDS, an injury, TB, or another disease. This tragedy creates child headed households. It is exactly what it sounds like, children trying to provide for children. There also are many young girls who are rescued from desperate situations where they are running from being married off too young, escaping FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), being rescued from child labor or child trafficking, or an abusive situation.

Just One has chosen to partner with John and Dorcus at Lenkai Christian School and Rescue Center, and Phoebe at Salem Orphanage to see these precious children cared for, loved, educated, and set on a path for a hope-filled future that will bring about a change for the next generation. We are choosing to start with the children in front of us, will you join us?

Just One is committed to partnering with teachers, education officers, parents, local leaders, and government officials who also desire to make a difference in the lives of those in need. With your help, we can see MORE than JUST ONE of these children become teachers, doctors, farmers, pilots, scientists, and future leaders.

Who made a difference in your life? Will you make an impact in Just One life?

Lucy and Teresa

Lucy and Teresa

Sisters orphaned by political violence

These sisters were orphaned instantly when their parents were murdered during pre-election violence in 2008. Their lives would have looked very different if it wasn’t for Mama Phoebe and Salem Orphanage who took them in and cared for them. Both girls are in primary school and are very bright students. They are leaders at the orphanage and they help out in so many ways to care for the other children. They have the most beautiful smiles and enjoy playing games, singing and dancing. We can’t imagine our lives without them!



Rescued from neglect

Rescued from deep neglect at 9 months old, Baby Ashley came to Salem Orphanage very sick and malnourished weighing just 10 pounds. Her short life had been full of incredible sadness and survival, not exactly what a little baby should be dealing with. She was seen by a doctor and got several antibiotics for the 3 different infections that filled her weak body. Within a few days she started responding to the medication, nutritious food, and sweet love from Mama Phoebe. She is now healthy, part of a family that absolutely adores her, and has a future that has been re-written and is filled with hope.

Jimmy and John

Jimmy and John

Both born with Albinizm, yet 100% Kenyan.

These precious boys’ lives were in high demand on the child trafficking market due to their skin color. They were rescued and brought to Lenkai Rescue Center where they would be safe, cared for, and educated. None of that would have been possible without John and Dorcus’s commitment to stand up and fight for those who have no voice. They have been totally accepted by the other children, been shown unconditional love, and they now know that they are important and their lives matter.

Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat. – Mother Teresa



Orphaned at birth but full of joy

Ahh, Sam! This little boy is cheeky, smart, inquisitive, and has a smile that can’t be beat! His mother died in childbirth, making him an instant orphan. He was brought to Salem Orphanage where he has been loved and cared for by Mama Phoebe. He is just starting primary school and while I am sure he does his fair share of talking when he should be listening, we can’t help but smile when he looks at us with his big brown eyes. This is one loved little boy who will have a very bright future because of the love of many.



Rescued and given a new hope

This precious girl was trafficked and in the process contracted HIV. She now lives with this disease and receives HIV anti-virals via the Kenyan government. She was rescued from an extremely traumatic situation and now lives at Lenkai Rescue Center. She is surrounded by many others who love her and show no difference in how she is treated; without stigma or exclusion. At Lenkai she has a safe, comfortable place to live, she receives an excellent education and trauma therapy. She receives much needed nutrition and medical care so she can live a long, healthy life. She will no doubt change her world!

Little Phoebe

Little Phoebe

Phoebe and Katie are best friends

Phoebe’s mother died in childbirth and instantly she became an orphan. With no family and a sure death sentence without someone to step in and care for this precious life she wouldn’t be here today. Mama Phoebe took her in and cared for her like her own. She has lived at Salem Orphanage all her life and has grown up to be a extremely smart and talented young lady. Starting her first year in secondary school she received the highest marks in her class placing her in very good ranking. She has an a very sweet spirit, an amazing memory, the voice of an angel, and can break it down on the dance floor with the best of them! She is a gift to us all!

We are challenging the status quo…

Just One Africa has worked diligently to ensures that our efforts are not just about projects but also about the people impacted by our work. Our desire is not just about crossing things off a list to say we made the world better, but we are very mindful and take into account how our partnerships with local leaders can create change from within the community.

Working to bring about change in developing communities is a very thoughtful process. Often times this process can bring about more harm than good if there is more talking than listening, more doing for then being with, and a priority of projects over people. Just One Africa is committed to helping, not hurting our brothers and sisters in Kenya.  That is why we believe so strongly in the relationships we build on the ground first and foremost.

Without our local leaders who live and serve in these communities, we would miss the true challenges and no matter what brought us to that point, the solutions would not be realized. This continues to be a rewarding process for us to learn and grow as we challenge the status quo of partnering with local leaders to provide sustainable solutions for vulnerable children. At its core, the process of building relationships remains Just One Africa’s highest commitment.

You can partner today with Just One to change the world for JUST ONE child. It is incredibly meaningful when you know that your support is going to make a significant difference and bring hope in the life of a child. Who made a difference in your life? Will you make an impact in Just One life?

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