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Vulnerable Children: Our Partners

The long-term strategic goal of Just One Africa is to empower local leaders who care for vulnerable children within their community with sustainable solutions. These solutions provide long term access to clean and safe water, quality education, life skills training, adequate safe housing, and more efficient agricultural methods. These continuing viable solutions will reduce the reliance on outside sources of funding, and furnish them the means and ability to provide for themselves, as well as those they care for.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much ― Helen Keller

We have found it paramount to work closely with our local leaders by investing in who they are, and building deep relationships with them based on trust and respect. We take a great deal of time to listen and ask questions to determine what they desire to see happen in their communities. It is from that input that we move forward creating sustainable solutions that will be managed, constructed, and maintained locally.

John and Leah Njoroge

John and Leah Njoroge

Valley Light Children’s Home

Valley Light Home is the dream realized and long-term commitment of John and Leah Njoroge, a couple, each born and raised in Kenya to see the very community they grew up in, changed for good. Valley Light Home (VLH) is a faith-based organization that provides residential care for orphans and abandoned children in a family setting.

John and Dorcus Parit

John and Dorcus Parit

Hope Beyond and Lenkai Christian School

John and Dorcus Parit are the founders of Hope Beyond Transitional Center and Lenkai Christian School based in the Kimana area of southeastern Kenya. Hope Beyond Transitional Center cares for children from needy cases such as FGM, child marriage, child neglect, forced labor, human trafficking, and other abusive realities.

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