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Valley Light Children’s Home

John and Leah Njoroge

John and Leah Njoroge

Valley Light Home

Valley Light Home is the dream realized and long-term commitment of John and Leah Njoroge, a couple, each born and raised in Kenya to see the very community they grew up in, changed for good. Valley Light Home (VLH) is a faith-based organization that provides residential care for orphans and abandoned children in a family setting.

VLH is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty that leaves children without proper care while meeting the emotional, medical, educational, and social needs of the whole child. The home was started in response to the overwhelming need to care for children within Maai Mahiu and surrounding areas.

The home opened its doors on July 31, 2011, when six orphaned children, the youngest one a child of 6 weeks were embraced by the Njoroges and a group of loving and dedicated staff. Currently, VLH houses 31 children.

Note:  Valley Light Programs (US) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.  All operational donations will be processed through them going forward.  They are operating in partnership with John and Leah and ALL funds through them will be used to fund the operational expenses of VLH.  You can learn more about this organization by clicking the button above.

Valley Light Home was carefully constructed to be a home rather than an institution for up to 36 children (infants to 18 years of age). The project is managed by local staff, including a full-time social worker. Family life includes providing professional care and guidance for physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs. As some of the children placed here are HIV+, caregivers are trained to administer medication, monitor nutrition, and care for individual health needs.

The town of Maai Mahiu lies at the bottom of the beautiful Rift Valley along a major route that connects the coast of Kenya (by the Indian ocean) with many countries in Eastern and Central Africa. It is approximately an hour and a half northwest of Nairobi. Over time, Maai Mahiu has developed into a popular trading center that is a prominent stopping place for truckers and other weary travelers, the population continues to increase almost on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons for the town’s popularity with truckers is the high rate of prostitution. Prostitution, which continues to increase, is the greatest contributor to the high number of orphaned and abandoned children in the area. lt is one of the reasons why moving Valley Light from the center of Maai Mahiu to a much safer location is a key objective. We are determined to prevent our children from repeating the cycle of prostitution and poverty and that made them orphans in the first place.

Currently, we are in the middle of a significant building project which is located a few miles outside of town. This purpose-built home will provide a much more peaceful environment, space for learning, playing, and building brighter futures! We look forward to moving our Valley Light family to this new home later in 2021! Learn more about this project.