• Our Beads for Water Program is available for groups of all ages.

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  • Teaching about a global impact and how it affects others is hard to do. Let us make it easy to plan for your next lesson and/or event.

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  • Raise money to purchase water filters or sustainable solutions for our partners in Kenya. With water filters costing $65 and providing clean water for 25 people, it’s pretty easy to start changing the world TODAY!

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  • Classroom, Churches, Groups, and Corporations are all getting involved in ways to learn more about global impact. Let us introduce your group to issues in Kenya that we are helping to combat.

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This crisis is impacting our partners and our life-giving programs in Kenya for much longer than we had anticipated and we want to continue standing with those on the front lines of this pandemic.  Your YES will provide health, safety and security for these precious children.

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Volunteer for an Event


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I had the rich opportunity to travel with the founders of Just One Africa to Kenya and observed first hand what they do. Their vision is clear and intentional – to help those that have great basic needs: clean water through water filters, medical clinics, food and clothing to widows, orphans, and families in the slums, and donations of educational supplies and musical instruments to schools to name just a few of their areas of impact! Because I know my donation truly goes for the designated need, I choose Just One Africa to be my charity of choice. I’m grateful that I can make a difference in the lives of others through this organization. I’m truly impressed with the “heart” of the founders and board of Just One Africa and the opportunity they afford me to be “just one”!

It is always such a pleasure to do something that results in real benefits to others.  I think most people like to give and will participate if given the opportunity.  That is why I feel so proud of “one of our own” at LexisNexis for starting an organization that has far-reaching results to so many people in different ways.  Learning about the needs in Kenya and other parts of Africa is a mind opening experience.  When I see the reaction of those participating in the simple task of stringing beads at our internal CARES events, that so simple an act can result in  so many people having clean water for a very long time, it is just a wonderful feeling.

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