Valley Light Home, Maai Mahui, Kenya

Soon, you will get to hear about our end of the year campaign titled Jenga Pamoja. This Swahili phrase translates to “build together”. This campaign goes to benefit the Valley Light Children’s Home, which is located in Mai Mahiu, Kenya.

This home was originally meant to be a restaurant with some open-air seating. Since becoming a children’s home, the open-air seating has been modified to become lodging for the caregivers for the children and the main building has come to house thirty-one kids. 

The caregivers are so grateful for this building. However, it is centrally located right in town, which is not an ideal environment for children. These children desperately need a move.

This campaign’s funds will go to building an amazing home for these children that is in a safe location. The land for this home has already been purchased and is in an ideal location. Our goal is to provide funding for this new safe haven. We hope you will stay tuned for more information and will help our campaign live up to its name- Jenga Pamoja.

Sneak Peak - Generator House

Blog article written by Emma Humphries, a student at Forsyth Central High School.

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