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Just One Africa is okay with that… in fact, we embrace social media and want to use it to share the stories of our friends in the US and our partners in Kenya.

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Facebook Updates

Just One Africa
Just One AfricaSunday, June 16th, 2019 at 6:38pm
Jomo Kenyatta Airport International Departure

We can't believe this trip is just about over, it feels like we just arrived ✈️ in Kenya a few short days ago. We are deeply thankful for this team who served, loved, laughed, cried, jumped in, never complained, and made the most of each and every opportunity. They showed up every day fully present and ready to engage the communities we serve and show unconditional love to so many special children.

We think some of them have caught the Kenya🇰🇪 bug and will be back sooner than later. 😉 The team might be starting their long trip back to the US, but Amy, our Director of Operations is on the ground for two more weeks. She will be working with our partners, researching and planning for future projects and facilitating several more water filter distributions in the days to come, so stay tuned! #cleanwaterislife #kenya #teamwork #sustainability #lovedoes #liveonpurpose #empowerment #justoneafrica

Just One Africa
Just One AfricaSunday, June 16th, 2019 at 6:30pm
Kimana, Rift Valley, Kenya

Saying goodbye is never easy, and there were many tears from our team as we left. Our group dove right in and the kids leaned right back into the love and care they felt creating a special bond that will last much longer than the few days we were there.

Each trip is a building block that grows further the precious relationships that we have with this awesome groups of kids, their caregivers, our amazing leaders, and the communities all around. Mutually transformed, mutually seen, mutually loved. People matter most. Each of us can #beoneforsomeone. We are never the same. #lovedoes

Just One Africa
Just One AfricaSunday, June 16th, 2019 at 6:23pm
Photos from Just One Africa's post
Kimana, Rift Valley, Kenya

Happy Father's Day! This morning we celebrated all the fathers at Lenkai Christian School with all the children. It was a beautiful reminder of all the amazing men that are standing up for their own children as well as all those in front of them. Reflecting on all the efforts of our partner John who have helped redefine what a good, loving, kind, encouraging, dedicated father looks like fills our hearts with joy and gratitude. To round out the morning a special message by Shosh and a song was shared by our amazingly talented photographer, Kole and the children's choir.

From the fun dancing and singing, to the dedication of a new baby from one of the Masai women in our bead program, to spending a bit more quality time with the kids at the school and Hope Beyond Transitional Center, we are leaving with hearts overflowing with gratitude and love for each one that has impacted our lives. Today we will never forget!

Just One Africa
Just One AfricaSaturday, June 15th, 2019 at 5:35pm

We ended the day with a beautiful safari drive into Kimana Sanctuary where we saw many amazing animals. The elephants were hidden by some tall bushes so we all took a short walk to get up a bit closer. Elephants are breathtaking creatures and it was so awesome to be able to get a bit up close and personal.

We respected their space and had rangers with us helping guide the way. We watched in awe as the sun was setting, Mt. Kilimanjaro was visible from out of the clouds, and the largest land mammal tusks and all were before us. All in all we finished the day with hearts full of thankfulness for the joy, beauty, friendship of this community we carry with us.

Just One Africa
Just One AfricaSaturday, June 15th, 2019 at 5:24pm
Photos from Just One Africa's post
Kimana, Rift Valley, Kenya

Our partner John took our team on a tour of Hope Beyond Transitional Center and some of the sustainability projects we have partnered with them on. From rehabilitating boreholes, to putting up water tank and towers, to establishing the dairy cow project, feed barn, and a very effective solar electric fence it was very rewarding to see all the work moving forward bringing our partners to a more sustainable place. Hope beyond the circumstances trusting that the best is yet to come!

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