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Social Media has become a popular communication tool in our day and age.

Instead of writing a support letter, we are more inclined to create a Facebook page or we would rather forward an email or a website to a friend rather than sit and talk with them about who we are and what we are doing.  We understand.

Just One Africa is okay with that… in fact, we embrace social media and want to use it to share the stories of our friends in the US and our partners in Kenya.

You can help us spread the word. If your friends, tell their friends, who tell their friends – that’s a whole lot of friends. So join us on Facebook, Twitter, and share our latest stories, blogs, and posts. Your support and sharing our story with your friends helps us provide clean and safe drinking water and sustainable projects to those who need it most.

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Facebook Updates

Just One Africa
Just One AfricaFriday, October 18th, 2019 at 5:27pm
Mai Mahiu

We had a good visit with Jane this afternoon. She is an artisan we have been partnering with over the past year and we were able to pick up another batch of beautiful handmade products to share with you in the coming weeks!

She is a single mother and is the only provider in her home. We are honored to partner with Jane in placing product orders that bring empowerment to her family. She told us today when things were at their worst she had to sell her bed as well as her children's bed to survive. But thanks to our consistent ordering she is able to pay rent, purchase food, pay school fees, purchase a phone, and beds for her and her kids! Isn't that amazing?

Be on the lookout for some of her products, we especially designed some of them with several schools we work with in mind. School spirit was never so world changing!

Just One Africa
Just One AfricaFriday, October 18th, 2019 at 5:18pm
Mai Mahiu

Today was full of opportunities to connect. We have a new local leader working with us on the Filter Follow Up Program in Mai Mahui. Catherine has three children and her husband is just about to graduate from seminary after the tests in college. She is the breadwinner and carries a tremendous responsibility in supporting her family.

We are honored to have her joining us in this life-giving work and are so encouraged by her heart and inspired by the burden she has for her community. She is not afraid of hard work, is a problem solver, and has been so diligent in helping gather the needed data for our analysis.

Each and every one of us matter in the work that we do and we are so grateful that Catherine is using this job as an opportunity to connect with her community and be the change she wishes to see!

Just One Africa
Just One AfricaThursday, October 17th, 2019 at 3:11pm

Adjacent to the newly completed generator house is our current exploration of a hand dug well. We are looking into seeing if there is a good possibility of finding water on the new property for the Valley Light family who will call this new place home.

A very brave man who is very good at locating water and digging wells has already dug to 33 feet and said today he was continuing to push on at least another 10 feet. He has hit water but wanted to keep going until he can't remove the water fast enough and the well begins to fill.

Can you see him all the way down there? That shiny spot is the reflection of the water that is seeping up to the surface. We are hopeful he will continue to find an abundance of water which will initially aid in the construction. #grateful #celebrateeverywin #buildingtogether #bringthemhome

Just One Africa
Just One AfricaThursday, October 17th, 2019 at 3:00pm
Mai Mahiu

The newly built generator house on the property where the new Valley Light Home will be built. Building is happening one step at a time in a long journey to see 31 precious chosen find a safe place to call home. #progress #celebrateeverywin #bringthemhome

Just One Africa
Just One Africa
Just One AfricaThursday, October 17th, 2019 at 1:50pm

Babies are multiplying at Valley Light Home, the rabbit variety we mean. 🐇 Super tiny and so soft, they fit in the palm of your hand. Giving children who have come from hard places and endured trauma the opportunity to care for animals is very therapeutic and helps them learn how to give and receive care.

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