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Instructional Philosophy

People of all ages need to learn about the issues that are affecting our global neighbors.  We started our organization with the hope to impact JUST ONE person by providing clean water to survive! We have grown to help over 140,000 people get clean water and have partnered with two local leaders in Kenya.  Our organization now works to not only combat the clean water crisis, but also works with our leaders to affect change in the rights of children in Kenya.

We believe that the greatest impact for your group would be teaching them about what we do, allowing them to participate in creating products, and creating change through a fundraiser that will help many people! 

If you learn without doing, you are not making a change – YOU can change the world today!

  • Learn It!

    Through our Beads for Water Program you group learns about who we are, what we do, and who we help.

    Presentation can be geared for all ages – schools, corporations, or groups.  We strive to provide a visual of a global issue and to introduce your group on how JUST ONE can start to change the world.  

    Our Program Director has 19 years of educational experience and is ready to help incorporate what we do into any of your standards, lessons (link to Educator Hub page), or community outreach projects.

  • Do It!

    After learning about who we are, what we do, and who we help, your group can participate in creating product for our organization to sell. 

    We provide 100% of our profits for clean water and/or sustainable projects in Kenya, but that only happens because of our volunteers who are part of the “Do It” step!

  • Love It!

    People of all ages love to see the physical impact they make on the lives of others.  After “learning it” and “doing it” you group will naturally want to love it by helping raise money for their global neighbors.

    Share what you’ve learned from this experience through the power of creating impact.  We have had schools and corporations raise over $5,000 in one event. How much could your group raise?  Could you help JUST ONE? It would be worth the time and energy if you choose to partner with us to create world change in the lives of others – plus, the people in your group will learn how easy it is to change the lives of others!

Together, we will create hope, re-write futures and change the world.

ONE person at a time.

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If you have any questions, please contact Christina.