“Human suffering ANYWHERE concerns men and women EVERYWHERE.” Elie Wiesel

This little baby is the one that started it all. In 2012 we were serving in this Kenyan community on the shores of Lake Victoria. We had partnered with the locals to build a new hut for this child’s grandmother as the rain had washed much of the mud walls away and it was no longer safe to live in. While discussing the new hut we looked over and saw a bunch of blankets all piled up. They moved them back and this lifeless child lay sick and dying. His father had died of AIDS, his mother was extremely sick with multiple infections and not able to feed him so they were giving him water from Lake Victoria since there was nothing else.

He had contracted multiple diseases and parasites through the lake water, was extremely malnourished, and didn’t have much time left. We worked with Mama Phoebe, our local leader and were able to have both the mom and baby looked at and prescribed medication. We prayed they both would make a full recovery! (A follow up visit last year showed both mom and baby are healthy and doing well!)

We returned to the states and and couldn’t get this precious baby and his family out of our minds. Even though we aren’t related or had even known this family for much time their suffering deeply impacted our hearts. I put myself in this mother’s position and wondered if someone had come to my village and seen my child sick and dying and a mom who desperately loved their child but was sick as well, would they have compassion and do what they could? We returned later that year with the first distribution of water filters ensuring that this precious family and many others on the shores of Lake Victoria would have access to clean water.

Just One: Africa was incorporated in June 2012 and we set out to do what we could, with what we had, where we were. We desired that these Kenyan communities would know that they were not forgotten in their suffering. We saw men, women, teenagers, and children all hungry for purpose and hope. We committed to partner with Kenyan local leaders who are passionate about empowering their communities to bring about change from within. We are seeing that happen, JUST ONE person at a time and hope is rising. ‪#‎bejustone‬

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