Our 2022 Year-End Goal

A new school year starts in January, and our goal to fund Priority Project #1, a new school bus, was $85,000. Your generous donations have made that miracle a reality, and we are very thankful to see these students move forward!

Priority Project #2 is to raise $60K to dig a deep water borehole with a solar power pumping system and add two acres of drip irrigation. This will create consistent access to water so our partners at Hope Beyond Center can continue watering crops, providing food security for the growing school population!

Water changes everything and your donation can make this a reality for these students! We need your help to make this happen! Will you give today?

Priority Project #1

School Bus (46 Passenger) for Lenkai Christian School

The School Bus project has been fully funded!!!

We Raised $85,000

Priority Project #2

Borehole, Solar Power, Tank and Drip Irrigation


Where We Started

On our first trip to Kenya in 2012, we met John and Dorcus Parit, an incredible couple with a strong desire and a great vision to create change in their community. Our partnership has grown over the past ten years and has seen countless lives changed and transformed through many initiatives.

Opening Lenkai Christian School was a big step forward in their vision. Creating opportunities for children to access education has always been a priority for the Parits. Although there are many challenges of opening and leading a growing elementary school, they believe that education is a gift and know it opens important doors for the future. In an area where girls are often left behind, at Lenkai, they are well-equipped for a much brighter future.

John and Dorcus Parit and Clay and Amy Churchill

Where We Are

Hope Beyond Center is an incredible place in Kimana, Kenya, providing a safe place for children from various traumatic and abusive circumstances. Just One Africa has walked with John and Dorcus since day one and seen tremendous impact and hope grow in the lives of the children who find refuge here.

There has been a lot of development on the property to make it more of a home environment where holistic care is prioritized and staff and caregivers are trained to be trauma-informed. Within the compound, the acres of farmland have been slowly transformed to include many sustainability projects. These have taken place over the years as the needs of the children continue to grow. Dairy cows provide milk, chickens provide eggs, and crops provide necessary food, moving them closer to food security.

Unfortunately, after four years of failed rainy seasons, the country is experiencing an extreme drought and widespread suffering. The shallow wells at Hope Beyond are starting to run dry, and the crops can’t go for long without water. These are needed for food programs at the Parit’s elementary school just down the road. Not having enough water is putting many of their sustainability efforts at risk!

The shallow hand dug wells at Hope Beyond do not produce enough water
Inspecting the shallow hand dug wells
These shallow wells do no fill fast enough to provide enough water for the farming and house

Future Leaders of Kenya

Where We Are Going

We have seen tremendous growth at Lenkai Christian School and Hope Beyond Center over the past ten years.

The boys and girls who come to learn to receive much more than just an education; they join a family. This is a unique school that is trauma-informed and cares about who the students are, not just what they do.

Help provide consistent water access to grow food for the school and for those who call Hope Beyond Center their home. Our goal for this priority project is $60,000.

Your generous donation will allow children at Hope Beyond Center and elementary students not to go hungry but instead have consistent access to nutritious meals to grow strong so they can move forward together!

We need your help to make this happen! Will you give today?

Green farm because water is available

Our Goal: Green, growing crops producing food for the children

Drip Irrigation is very important to save water resourses

Water – Every drop is precious

Thank you from all the children at Lenkai who will be Moving Forward Together in their new bus!
Thank You

A special thank you from the children at Lenkai who will be Moving Forward Together with full tummies in their new bus!

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