I CAN make a difference for the ONE

I CAN for the one right in front of me

I can’t make a difference for every child, but I CAN for the one right in front of me. – Ruth Soukup

If we have learned anything from our time serving in Kenya, it is this truth. While our desire is to help as many vulnerable children as possible, we can only help those right in front of us. BUT when we partner with the amazing men and women who care for them our impact is multiplied exponentially! Each life is significant and valuable, and instead of being overwhelmed and not doing anything we are choosing to make a difference for those right in front of us. Will you join us?

Our focus is to provide chicken coops for a specific group of 250 widows who care for vulnerable children. The eggs will provide protein rich food, and the income from selling eggs will allow the children to be educated and provided for in the most important ways.

We would also like to build a dorm for the boys at the Rescue Center and help to provide an additional classroom for the upcoming class at Lenkai Christian School. Every amount will help us reach the one right in front of us – join us and let’s change the world JUST ONE person at a time.



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