Lucy Iloenyosi joins Just One!

Lucy Iloenyosi

We are SO pleased to welcome our newest board member Lucy! Her family’s village is within miles from Bondo, Kenya the very area where the orphanage, farm and new school are located! She is beyond amazing and we are blessed to have her on our team of world changers! Please help us in welcoming her!!!

Here is a little bit about her: Lucy Iloenyosi is co-founder and Creative Director of NeatWorks, Inc. and NeatCards Invitations. Since the company’s founding in 2002, Lucy has worked with numerous clients to develop their brands, clarifying and articulating a creative vision and bringing it to life. On a rare day when she ventured away from her computer where she is usually tethered,

Lucy met Amy, Clay, Geanna and Alastair in a convergence of destinies. She discovered that the work that Just One was involved with happened to be within miles of her ancestral home in Western Kenya. She was inspired by their efforts for the sake of her country and compelled by the fact that these were ordinary people changing the world. With the understanding that it takes “Just One”, Lucy and her husband Kene have eagerly partnered with Just One Africa in their efforts to bring hope and lasting change to children and poverty-stricken communities in Kenya.

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