JUST ONE little girl who finds joy in simple things

Teresa loves the simple things in life.

This sweet girl is Teresa, an orphan, whose parents were murdered in front of her and her sister due to post election violence several years ago. She lives with Momma Phoebe who cares for dozens of vulnerable children in Bondo, Kenya, on the shores of Lake Victoria. She is JUST ONE little girl who finds joy in simple things, laughter with her older sister, Lucy, and the other children, and peace in knowing that she is loved, wanted, and cared for.

Just One Africa is committed to partnering with local leaders like Momma Phoebe to provide sustainable solutions for these precious children. Her future is being rewritten with each day that passes as they obtain access to education, shelter, healthy food, medical care, safety, and security in their blended family. Teresa is worth it all.

Let us pick up our books and pens, they are the most powerful weapons. – Malala

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