Be 1 for 1 Partnership with International Association of Women (IAW)

Empower ONE woman.
Change the world!

Have you ever asked yourself how far you can make a dollar stretch? How about for a lifetime…or four?

Be 1 for 1 - What if… ONE person, giving ONE dollar a week, could supply ONE family with clean drinking water for life?

Through the Be 1 for 1 Program, anyone can make a difference with less than the cost of an iTunes song. For every one year of giving just $1 per week, you can change the future of a family. Give $1 for everyone in your immediate family and make an even bigger difference!

As part of the corporate Be1 for 1 Program, you can join forces with Just One Africa to make a difference while building generosity into your culture, helping your team members experience doing social good, create unity and improve morale.

What will YOU do?

Jackeline’s Story

Jackeline Soila’s story is one of rescue, restoration, and reconciliation. Subjected to FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), and within days of being married off at age 9, she was rescued and brought to a safe place at Hope Beyond Transitional Center.

Jackeline’s community has now committed to ending those harmful traditions since our launching of Just One Africa’s Clean Water Program in their community. Trust has been built, health has been restored, and doors have been opened; allowing important conversations and changing generational mindsets which are bringing understanding on WHY the protection and education of their daughters are so important. This impact is significant. Together, we will save lives, rewrite futures and change the world – one person at a time.

There are many other girls like Jackeline in communities that desperately lack access to safe, clean water. They deal with sickness and disease on a daily basis. Our 2018 goal is to reach 1,000 families just like Jackeline’s. Community mindsets can be shifted, girls can be protected, children can be educated, and parents can be empowered to care for their children in new ways, some for the very first time. All this is possible if YOU choose to say YES and Be 1 for 1!

Together, we will save lives, rewrite futures and change the world,

ONE person at a time.