How Transformational Change Happens

Trauma Therapy Training with Kutoa Project

As we learn more about the communities we are serving in and all that our partners are challenged by, we came to understand a huge need for trauma-informed training for the school staff at Lenkai Christian School and caregivers at Hope Beyond Transitional Center.

Caring for children that have been rescued from emotional, physical, and sexual trauma requires that the teachers and staff become more informed and better equipped to deal with the challenges these children are going through.

It is also vitally important that these teachers and caregivers know that they too are worth taking care of as many also carry the scars of their own trauma. Healed people, heal people.

This week we are again partnering with Kutoa Project, as Shae and her staff facilitate a few days of learning and understanding how to deal with stress, trauma, and care for children in difficult situations. Shae and her team are doing an amazing job and we are so thankful for them!

Our partnerships are about much more than deadlines, data, and projects completed. If our efforts support leaders who try and educate and raise children who will remain broken on the inside we will have accomplished very little. That is why we choose to work with our partners to create empowered, equipped, and encouraged leaders, teachers, and caregivers.

It means a greater multiplied impact at the school, the connected families and the greater community. This is how transformational change happens, from the inside out.

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