T-Shirt Fundraiser

Fund the Nations T-shirt Fundraiser

T-shirt from Fund the Nations

Christina Hightower and Noelle

Christina and Noelle

Dorcus and Joanie in Kimana, Kenya

The Shirt in Kimana, Kenya

Noelle's Cow

Noelle’s Cow


Emily and Noelle are high school students who developed a Community Giving Project for their school’s DECA club.   They designed a t-shirt using the company Fund the Nations. Each member in their Just One Africa club took the challenge to sell 5 shirts.  The club sold each shirt for $20 using 100% of the profits going toward their fundraiser. The group raised over $1500 and were able to provide enough money for our partners to purchase a cow, a month of food, and a month of vet bills.  


The purchase a cow will provide extra milk to sell in the market.  The profits from this will provide for school fees for orphaned/rescued children who are not fully sponsored at Lenkai Christian School in Kimana, Kenya.


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  • Word of Mouth – sharing the story with others

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