School Pop Up Shop


Each year, Otwell Middle School, invites Just One Africa to share about the clean water crisis in Kenya and connect to the Georgia State Standards.  These presentations provide the students the opportunity to talk with someone who is working to impact the water crisis. It also allows for students to learn about how they can make a difference in the world around them.  Teachers talk about the visit for weeks prior to the presentation. They use the website to show multiple videos to the students to create background knowledge of the organization and to show students how it connects to what they are learning.  Each teacher explains how the organization raises money for clean water filters through the sale of handmade goods. The school promotes the presentation and the pop up shop offering for parents to attend as well.  

Fundraiser Purpose

Make a change in the water crisis by raising money to purchase water filters for people in Kenya through the sale of handmade goods.  Each bracelet costs $15 and provides 200,000 gallons of clean water.  


Social Media Copy

Printed flyer

Post Pop Up Shop Flyer

*social media photos and flyers can be created with the help of the Just One Africa team.  Please contact if you are planning a fundraiser and would like something created for your event.