Just Add Water - See the Impact

12 Days of Giving (Day 11)

On the eleventh Day of Giving, I choose to see beautiful pictures showing the hope and joy that comes when you have consistent access to clean water. "It only takes a small act of kindness to make the darkness shrink back."
Water Changes Everything

12 Days of Giving (Day 10)

Did you know we're trying to unlock $65,500 in matching grant funding before the end of the month? Every gift made between now and December 31 will be doubled to help empower families, community centers, medical clinics and hospitals, schools, and child-serving ministries
Clean Water helps to save girls lives

12 Days of Giving (Day 9)

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On the 9th Day of Giving, I chose to recognize these important water facts and their meaning as well as take action. Do you recognize protecting young girls is connected to clean water access?
Changing the World is Easy and Fun

12 Days of Giving (Day 7)

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Changing the world is easy and fun! Share a Post, Buy a Bracelet, Donate to Create Clean Water, Encourage Others, Sponsor a Child, Give away your Birthday, and Communicate with others.
Clean Water Creates Sustainability

12 Days of Giving (Day 6)

Did you know clean water access creates sustainability? Right now our partners in southern Kenya are literally digging trenches for a very important sustainability project. Stretching over several kilometers large pipes are being laid connecting hundreds of people to the water storage tanks at the borehole transporting clean water!
The day the world changed for the Kunchu community, elephants and all!

12 Days of Giving (Day 5)

The day the world changed for the Kunchu community, elephants and all!   It was the morning of day six in Kenya and it had already been a very full week of two filter distributions a day, in-depth updates on sustainability projects,…
Just Add Water Vidoe

12 Days of Giving (Day 4)

COVID-19 has deepened the clean water crisis in massive ways pushing people to the edge of desperation. Providing hygiene training and water filters to families who are waiting for clean water access is critical to saving lives! You can make a difference in ways that really help.
Buy a Bracelet and Create Clean Water

12 Days of Giving (Day 2 & 3)

Your purchase of a Just One Africa bracelet will make a family's Christmas wish come true! You can help provide a life-changing water filter for a family who is still waiting for help and in desperate need of clean water! 
Live Out What You Believe

Live Out What You Believe

"Ideas, dreams, and visions, don't change the world. Rather, it's people - like you and me, who faithfully, prayerfully, and tenaciously live out these ideas, dreams, and visions - who change the world." ~ Eugene Cho When you live…
small child impacted by the clean water crisis

What is Your “YES” Today?

"Sometimes something touches your heart so deeply that “doing nothing” isn’t an option anymore. You become determined to make a change rather than coming up with excuses of why you can’t. Not because the fear stops lurking, but because…