We will never be the same.

We will never be the same

Trying to explain my love for Kenya now is like trying to explain why there are stars in the sky. It’s near impossible to explain my sheer love for the country that I was not born in…though there are many days I wish I was. I love the people, the culture, and it is just so beautiful. If you ever get the chance, you should go. Read more

small child impacted by the clean water crisis

What is Your “YES” Today?

“Sometimes something touches your heart so deeply that “doing nothing” isn’t an option anymore. You become determined to make a change rather than coming up with excuses of why you can’t. Not because the fear stops lurking, but because the desire to do something is now greater.” Bethany Haley Williams, Ph.D. Read more

Our first trip to Kenya in 2012. This was an amazing team!

Four years ago our lives changed forever…

Four years ago today (on 3/29/12) our lives changed forever as we know it. We flew across the ocean to Kenya for the first time and had the opportunity to love and serve others in some meaningful ways. In the process we found a part of our hearts come alive and knew that it wouldn’t be the last time we would step on Kenyan soil. Read more

Lenkai multi-purpose building in Kimana, Kenya

You chose to say YES!

It is because YOU chose to say “YES” to being Just One that Just One Africa is able to partner with local leaders in Kenya creating long term sustainable change for vulnerable children!  We extend a heartfelt thank you for your donations, as well as for the encouragement you have given us in 2015! Read more

Our humble beginings

“Human suffering ANYWHERE concerns men and women EVERYWHERE.” Elie Wiesel

This little baby is the one that started it all. In 2012 we were serving in this Kenyan community on the shores of Lake Victoria. We had partnered with the locals to build a new hut for this child’s grandmother as the rain had washed much of the mud walls away and it was no longer safe to live in. Read more

GeneroCity Market will take place on Saturday, May 2, 2015.

Join us for GeneroCity Market

We are excited to announce that Just One Africa is partnering with a selection of other Atlanta-based nonprofits for an event called GeneroCity Market. Hosted by Canopy Life, a creative learning community with an academy in Kenya, the event will take place on Saturday, May 2. Located at 35 Old Canton Street, in the parking lots between The 410 Bridge and Rivers Academy, the Market will be open from 8 am – 4 pm, overlapping with the Alpharetta Farmers Market. Read more

Brain Grasso of Simple Charity

What can JUST ONE do?

Listen to what JUST ONE can do with their voice!! Brian, a high school senior who leads Simple Charity wrote a spoken word inspired by his work with Just One: Africa. We think you will be totally moved and thoughtfully provoked to see what JUST ONE can do! It might just be the best 3 minutes of your day! Leave a comment and let Brian know how it impacted you! Read more

Janet - Vulnerable Children


Janet - Vulnerable Children

Janet is Just One!

Honest and reflective jet lagged post: Leaving Kenya and coming back to the states is always so hard and is full of internal conflict.

Why am I here?
Why are they there?
Why are our situations not reversed?
Why am I surrounded with excessive abundance?
How can I work to bring more sustainable development and impact in the communities we serve in?
What can I keep learning from my Kenyan friends?
How does my perspective still need to change? What are the next steps? Read more

Just One Experience - Support the Team

It starts with Just One…

A mission trip (in March of 2012) to work at an orphanage in Kenya stirred the hearts of the Churchill (Clay, Amy and their children) and Wilde (Alastair & Geanna) families so much, they came back home and founded a charitable organization to continue and expand the work they had begun.  Just One Africa was born.

Read more

Today we are counting our blessings…

We are grateful to have so many opportunities to speak, share, sell bracelets, serve and partner in our community with YOU!

We are overwhelmed with so many awesome opportunities that KEEP coming on a daily basis! We are lining up our calendar to invite others to come be a part of the change they wish to see in the world, to be a JUST ONE world changer!!

Want to join us or know of an opportunity we should be a part of? Email [email protected] and we are there! Read more