We have raised the initial funds to purchase 5 acres and build a new home for 31 amazing children.

Thank you for saying YES to this project, it has opened the door to making this home a reality!

Watch a powerful video of Sarah’s amazing story!

Watch a video from our partners John and Leah Njoroge!

Even the greatest beauty can mask an even greater pain.

Sarah is a young girl whose future didn’t always look so promising. At the age of 5, she watched her mother die right in front of her, and like so many other children in Maai Mahiu, HIV and other diseases took the lives of her parents, leaving her completely alone. Maai Mahiu is a dangerous place for an orphaned girl to be alone.

But Sarah wasn’t alone for long.

Our partner, Valley Light Home, provided a safe, loving environment for Sarah to begin to experience life, education, and hope.

31 children’s lives are changing here every day, but the reality is, the surrounding community is becoming more and more dangerous. Abuse and child trafficking are real concerns that are threatening the safety of the kids in our care. We are faced with an urgent need to move to a new location.

The good news is, we have found a safer location outside of town to build a new home that can continue to grow and serve more children.

Your yes to this project will open the door to making this home a reality. This will help improve Sarah’s life and the lives of each of these 31 children who each have their own story. When Sarah arrived, she was withdrawn, shy, and scared. Now she shines as the person she is meant to be — a kind, confident young woman, full of hope and light.

The dangers are real, but so is the potential to bring life. Create a better life for Sarah and the many children we are serving. Give now, and bring them home.

You can create a better life for Sarah and the many children we are serving.

Each of these 31 children has their own stories to tell.  Let’s build a brighter future for them.

If you would prefer to mail your gift, please send to:

Just One Africa
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If you have any questions please call (678) 640-6342

Just One Africa, Inc. is a registered 501 (c)3 Non-Profit Organization.
Your generous, tax-deductible gift will help purchase property and build a new children’s home for our partners at Valley Light.