Children can now go to school

Maasai woman at water puddle

This is a very rural Maasai community in Southern Kenya. Our local leaders John and Dorcus conducted a sanitation training as well as a water filter distribution. On our follow up trip in January I visited this community and walked to their water source, 1 mile away. Since they were still waiting for the rains to come they collect their daily water for these small holes and then carry it back to their homes. They pour the water through the Sawyer Products water filters Just One Africa has provided, now allowing them to have increased health. The mommas shared that their children can now go to school instead of having to stay home with diarrhea. And no one has had to go to the hospital or take medication for sickness due to water. This is an important step in the right direction and one that the whole community will benefit from for years to come.Thank you to all our donors who make this kind of life saving change possible. We couldn’t do this without you and are grateful for your support! We are headed back to Kenya in June for more world change and will continue to bring you more stories from the field on how your donations are changing the world for others.

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