12 Days of Giving (Day 8)

Water Filter Buckets = Families with Clean Water


Day 8: I chose to view a story on a family that has been impacted by clean water access.

During our trip to Kenya in November, we asked a few recipients and community leaders how water filters have changed their world. We wanted to share these stories with you because it’s absolutely amazing the impact YOU create when YOU give to Just One Africa’s Clean Water Program!

Pastor Mumo – Airstrip Community

Years ago we were invited to come and work in Pastor Mumo’s community eventually leading him to join us as a water ambassador. His leadership and deep care for his community has given him great respect from all those who know him. We love serving with him and have learned much from him and value his clarity on how needed change must come for his neighbors.

Leah – Mai Mahui

Our friendship with Leah started 4+ years ago in the US before their family transitioned to be full-time directors at Valley Light Home. Moving back to where she grew up and reconnecting with her community she quickly learned just how critical the need for access to clean water is. We love serving with Leah to see her community filled with health and hope!

Betty – Kimana Town

Betty has been volunteering as a water ambassador with Just One Africa for several years and is a key woman leader in her community. She educates, advocates, and trains on issues including gender equality, protection of young girls, health, and sanitation, and often interprets for us in our water filter distributions.

Kelvin – Mountain Group

During our first distribution in the foothills of Mt. Kilimajaro, we met Kelvin, a teacher, musician, and community volunteer. The students at his school often deal with waterborne disease and miss class. School fees are often spent on hospital visits and medicine because of waterborne diseases. Even his ability to teach is negatively impacted by dirty water – now it changes.

Adding what you have will change the world!

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