12 Days of Giving (Day 6)

Clean Water Creates Sustainability

Dig into more about Just One Africa’s Sustainability Projects

Day 6: On the sixth Day of Giving I chose to dig into more about Just One Africa’s sustainability projects.

Did you know clean water access creates sustainability? Right now our partners in southern Kenya are literally digging trenches for a very important sustainability project. Stretching over several kilometers large pipes are being laid connecting hundreds of people to the water storage tanks at the borehole transporting clean water!

Meters will be attached and water bills will be paid monthly allowing our partners to keep raising much-needed support towards their holistic programs for children coming from very difficult situations. Not only is it connecting a new section of town to clean water providing families and businesses direct access to a resource that is critical for daily life, but it will also continue to increase their own capacity to self-fund their own programs! 

When you give to Just One Africa this is the kind of impact you are creating! It is life-giving, empowering, and hope-filled!

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