12 Days of Giving (Day 2 & 3)

Buy a Bracelet and Create Clean Water

Did you know your shopping can change the world in really important ways?

Day 2: On the second day of giving I am choosing to buy a bracelet, changing the world by supporting Just One Africa’s Clean Water Program.

How and where you shop can truly change the world. Each bracelet provides 200,000 gallons of safe clean water for families in need!

Day 3: On the third day of giving I am choosing to learn more about the effects of the clean water crisis and how COVID-19 has made it even more important for families to have access to safe, clean water.

Our filter follow-up teams report how much hope families have who are recipients of the water filters because they can keep their homes sanitized, their hands clean, and their children now have consistent access to safe, clean water. Diseases are stopped and health is now a reality!

Your purchase of a Just One Africa bracelet will make a family’s Christmas wish come true! You can help provide a life-changing water filter for a family who is still waiting for help and in desperate need of clean water! 

You can create clean water when you shop for good!

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