12 Days of Giving (Day 10) – See the Impact

Just Add Water - See the Impact

See the impact your giving made in 2020 and let’s do it again for those still waiting for help

Day 11 – Seeing the Hope and Joy

On the eleventh Day of Giving, I choose to see beautiful pictures showing the hope and joy that comes when you have consistent access to clean water.

“It only takes a small act of kindness to make the darkness shrink back.”

“The greater our sense of awe, the greater our sense of connection. When we are in awe, we move beyond ourselves, into something greater than self.”

The impact created through access to clean water is awesome, empowering, and absolutely possible even in a year like 2020! Join us and ‘add what you have’ making it possible to reach families who are still waiting for clean water!

“Awe is more than a feeling of being deeply moved, it’s a fuel that moves you to deeply love other human beings. When we live full of awe, we are moved to change what is awful in the world.”

You can redeem this year in a beautiful way, changing what is awful into something life-giving in a very tangible way. Change is possible when you choose to ‘add what you have’.

You can be the answer to a family’s great need for clean water when you ‘add what you have’. 

Your donation will be doubled thanks to the generosity of others.

Give a gift that will keep on giving – HOPE. HEALTH. JOY. 

Just Add Water Today and change your world for GOOD.

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Just Add Water - See the Impact
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