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Just One Africa cares for orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya by providing access to clean water and by partnering with local leaders to provide sustainable solutions which create hope through care, education, and community development.

Lenkai Water Tank/Tower and Generator Project

While this crisis impacts millions of people around the world, we are wanting to share this one opportunity with you in hopes that you will join us and create access to clean water for hundreds of people. We raised funds for this borehole a few years ago and it has brought incredible change to so many people including over 200 children at Lenkai Christian School.

Now there are is a wonderful opportunity to expand and reach several hundred more through this water tower and tank project. This will bring clean water access to new homes in the community, reducing waterborne disease and elevating the quality of life for families in need.

Join us and let’s change our world for good today!

We have a goal of $33,500. This will provide funds for a 3 story tower, 14,500-gallon tank, plumbing, and a heavy-duty generator. The generator is needed when the power grid goes down which can be often, greatly impacting their ability to pump water into the tanks.

The first $12,000 will be matched dollar for dollar from a generous donor towards this life-giving project!

Each and every gift helps us make this project a reality for hundreds of people waiting for clean water!

Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Orphans and Vulnerable Children

We believe children should have hope for a better future

Clean Water Programs in Kenya

Clean Water

We believe that clean water is a catalyst for change

Bring Them Home

Sarah is a young girl whose future didn’t always look so promising. At the age of 5, she watched her mother die right in front of her, and like so many other children in Maai Mahiu, HIV and other diseases took the lives of her parents, leaving her completely alone. Maai Mahiu is a dangerous place for an orphaned girl to be alone.

31 children’s lives are changing here every day, but the reality is, the surrounding community is becoming more and more dangerous. Abuse and child trafficking are real concerns that are threatening the safety of the kids in our care. We are faced with an urgent need to move to a new location.

“The leadership team of Just One has an incredible passion to provide food, water and supplies to those in most need. This passion is contagious…”

Frank  – a review on GreatNonProfits.org

Life of Just One

Just One Africa receives Impact Award for Nonprofit Excellence in 2019

This morning we attended a breakfast highlighting the important work being done by Atlanta LEAD Institute, a nonprofit training program. We went through their 10-month program in 2013

Trauma Therapy Training with Kutoa Project

As we learn more about the communities we are serving in and all that our partners are challenged by, we came to understand a huge need for trauma-informed training for the school staff

It starts with Us!

“It starts with us—ordinary, regular us—taking one step, then two, and then a hundred small steps in an intentional direction.” – Jeannie Marie

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