Just One: Africa, Inc. is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit, public, charitable organization. All donations in the United States are tax-deductible in full or part. EIN #45-5399345

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Who made a difference in your life?

Most of us, when honest with ourselves, will acknowledge that our lives were shaped at some point by someone who took the time and effort to pour something into our lives. This might have been a parent, teacher, community leader, etc. The children and women we seek to help are not afforded this luxury.

There are no parents. Schools are not accessible. They are largely ignored by community leaders when such a person even exists.

Just One is committed to being that teacher, parent, or leader that makes a difference in the lives of those in need. With your help, we can see MORE than Just One of these children become, teachers, doctors, farmers and leaders. With your help, we can educate the widows and women in need, leading them to not just be self-sufficient, but affording them the opportunity to educate others in the community. This reaches beyond the individual and greatly increases the probability of sustainable improvement in the entire region.

Who made a difference in your life? Will you make an impact in Just One life?

Who we are

Just One is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, public, charitable organization. We were founded with the purpose of making a difference in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children and women in need, through the disbursement of financial resources, intended to fulfill the basic needs of food, water, shelter, education and hope. It is the belief that as the basic needs are met individuals can grow to meet their full potential and Just One was established to be an advocate for this process. We see our role as being a provider of both financial support and education to help enrich the lives those whom we have the privilege of serving.

Established as a non-governmental organization, Just One operates through donations provided by individuals, companies and religious/non-religious organizations.

The opportunity to preserve life is at the heart of the foundation. Just One is dedicated to investing in people, which provides the greatest opportunity for authentic life changes. Committed to stand side by side with those we support, Just One programs are designed to create empowered individuals and communities.